Newsletter – Spring 2015

Mowing, Can It Be Wrong?

Spring is an exciting time for everyone including your lawn.  The days are longer, the temperatures are on the rise and it’s a great time to start freshening up your landscape. However, it’s very important to remember a few key things that will save you money and increase the curb appeal of your lawn. This time of the year your grass is starting to grow rapidly.  It’s vital that during this rapid growth your lawn is mowed properly. Read more..

Grass Clippings & Their Benefit

A common question here at Paradise Landscaping is, “what should I do with my grass clip-pings?”

The answer is simple!  Grass clippings should be mulched into your lawn every time you mow!

Grass clippings are beneficial to the health of your lawn.  As the clippings decompose below the surface it’s provides valua-ble nutrients for your lawn!

“Wiregrass” Control

patio5Wiregrass, also known as bermudagrass, is a big problem in many cool season lawns across Virginia.  In our winter newsletter we talked about several things that can cause wiregrass to grow in your lawn.  Here are several things you can do to help control the bermudagrass.  Read more..



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Factors to Consider Before Planting

Often times expensive landscape maintenance can be avoided by proper tree and shrubs selection!  There are several factors that play into proper plant selection and we are here to talk about a few.

The number one most important factor to selecting the correct plant is determining the plants MATURE size. This will ensure that the plant has plenty of growing room and will not have a negative impact on your home.  Mature plants that are to large for the given space can be costly in maintenance and ultimately have to be removed causing unnecessary expenses.  Read more..

More Water is Better, Right?

Watering your landscape is a common practice, but what if watering your landscape was actually negatively impacting your landscape?  Would you continue to water?  Would you stop watering altogether?  Would you change your watering habits to benefit your landscape?

Water is a very important part of growing healthy plants, but “healthy” watering is required to be beneficial.  Read more..


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