Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fertilizer and pesticides are commonly used on home lawns, golf courses, farms, sports fields and other areas where healthy grass is desired or demanded.  While these two products can be harmful to the environment, they can also be very helpful when applied correctly.

As a homeowner you should consider leaving these applications to Paradise        Landscaping.  Appling these products in appropriate amounts, at proper times, and under the correct weather will enhance the value of your lawn and increase the health of our environment.  We are a licensed and insured pesticide applicator.  To obtain this license we had significant training and testing to ensure proper application of these products, so look to the expert, Paradise Landscaping for the best results.

With proper application these products increase the ability of your lawn to prevent drought, reduce soil & sediment erosion, cool the environment, filter rain water, control invasive weeds, and reduce the spread of turf diseases.  All of which helps our environment!

Improper application of these products can lead to excessive product runoff, dead lawns, and harmful effects to insects & birds to name a few.

So the next time you consider applying a fertilizer or pesticide to your yard, give us a call for expert advise and a free estimate.  With a combined effort we can both work to increase the health of our environment and provide you with the lawn of your dreams!