Factors To Consider Before Planting

Often times expensive landscape maintenance can be avoided by proper tree and shrubs selection!  There are several factors that play into proper plant selection and we are here to talk about a few.

The number one most important factor to selecting the correct plant is determining the plants MATURE size. This will ensure that the plant has plenty of growing room and will not have a negative impact on your home.  Mature plants that are to large for the given space can be costly in maintenance and ultimately have to be removed causing unnecessary expenses.

Many plants have several different cultivars which have been selected through breeding. These cultivars are selected for different attributes that stand out in a specific plant. For example, some plants are available in a dwarf size so their mature size is smaller then the full sized plant. Cultivars are a great way to select a species of plant that you really enjoy while helping to ensure it won’t get to big for the given area.

The second most important part of plant selection is to determine the sun and shade requirements for a given plant.  Some plants will not tolerate shade and others will not tolerate full sun.  This is a factor that cannot be over come even by the top gardeners in the world.  If a plant is not happy with the amount of light is it receiving it will not perform to its fullest ability.

These are just a couple of tips to help you the next time you decide to purchase new plants.  These are not the only factors that come into play when planting a new tree or shrubs but these two are very important.  For more information or help in selecting proper plants for the landscape, contact us today for a free on site consultation!

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